A Timeline of events from 2000 to 2006

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In March 2005 Nottingham Switchboard (with invaluable help from Shirley Macredie) organised to conferences on "LGB issues in BME Communities". These were the first conferences of their type to be held in the UK.


About 60 people attended either as individuals or as representatives of a wide range of organisations. To read the related conferences documents and reports click   HERE

On September 22nd 2005, a ceremony was held at the Holocaust Centre at Laxton. The purpose of the ceremony was to celebrate the donation of an LGB memorial plaque to the Holocaust centre and, at the same time, to remember the lesbians and gay men who died in the Holocaust.


About 45 people assembled to hear readings from the book “The men with the pink triangle”, by Heinz Heger. The ceremony ended with candles being lit by everyone present while the names were read out of countries where homosexuality is still punished by imprisonment or the death penalty; it was a long list.


The plaque is a simple square, bearing a pink triangle and the words “In Memoriam”. Thanks must go to the North Notts LGB Development Group, and particularly to Mike Newstead of Bassetlaw CVS, for raising funds for the plaque and for organising the event

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To find out more about the gay Holocaust, click on the picture

Using February as LGBT History Month started in a small way the UK in 2005, but it was 2006 when it became a focus of activity in Nottingham.


Since 2006 we have had regular LGBT History quizzes, talks, films, seminars. There have been exhibitions and displays at County Hall, the City Council House, Central Library, Notts Police HQ. Both Universities and several colleges have put on a variety of events . The National LGBT HIstory month website can be seen by clicking   HERE

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December 2005. Civil registration of partnerships begin. At last those "pretended" families had legal status. As one of the participants in this picture said "There's me, there's Roy my partner, there's my dad and there's Sammie the dog and we are a real family and a lot nicer than some of those fucking heterosexual families".  


Other countries got there earlier - for more about that, click HERE ... at your own risk. To see our display about Civil Partnerships  click   HERE

To read about Nottingham's first Civil Partnership click on the photo

2006. Nottingham Pride is invaded by Daleks.  


As in all previous Prides held at the Arboretum, the weather was favourable. There are rumours that this is aided by the Pride Committee's ritual naked weather dance at midnight on Midsummer day


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In 2000, Nottinghamshire Living History Archives financed 90 local history projects. David Edgley, from Nottingham Switchboard, was awarded a project.


One of the outcomes of that project was a book on Nottingham's lesbian and gay history since 1967. It uses Switchboard and the organisations which preceded it as threads which tie the story together.


The book's cover was simply a scanning of a set of badges owned by Roger Hollier. To find out more about some gay badges, click HERE.  To download a copy of the book, click HERE

Nottinghamshire Police started serious involvement with the local LGBT community in the late 1990s.   A Police LGBT Consultation group was set up and continues to meet quarterly - contact Nottingham Switchboard if you want details of the meetings.   The meetings are very much about working in partnership and have been successful in several areas.


One significant step was the introduction of an 0800 number for the reporting of non-emergency homophobic incidents. The people who take the calls are from the Hate Crimes team and are well versed in how to deal effectively with such calls.    To hear someone talking about their experience of contacting Notts Police, click HERE         Click on the picture to find out more about our involvement with the Police.



In 2000 the Pink Lace Committee retired and the event was rebranded as Nottingham Pride and moved to The Embankment. This was not popular and the festival failed to appear for the next two years.


It was revived in 2003 and moved to the Arboretum, which a lot of people think is an ideal location.

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