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Richard Webster died in May 2006.


In the 1970s, Richard was the Convenor of Nottingham CHE group.   During that time he worked with Mary Riddell (of Nottingham Council for Voluntary Service)  to organise a large scale day long Forum.


The Forum “Homosexuals as People” was held at La Chic on Saturday November 6th, 1976. It was directed towards people in “the caring professions”. 125 people took part and the audience was made up of people from Social Services, Probation, Marriage Guidance, Samaritans, Student Organisations, NCVS and the Clergy.


In the same year, at the NALGO (now UNISON)  AGM, Richard Webster proposed that  in their dealings with Notts County Council, the Council should state that it would not discriminate against employees on the grounds of sexual orientation. Richard “came out” while proposing the motion, which was passed by an overwhelming majority. This was one of the first (perhaps the first) instances of pushing Councils to include Sexual Orientation in their equal opportunities policies.  At the time of writing (September 2008) we have found that Gedling District Council has no reference to sexual orientation in their policy!


Richard was also instrumental in establishing the Nottingham Friend service, which ran until the early 1990s.




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