The opening of Part Two club in 1981


Like La Chic, Part Two was specifically an "all gay and lesbian" club and again this brought it to the attention of the Evening Post and other newspapers, along with a phone-in on Radio Trent.




A licence has been granted for a homosexual night club in Nottingham from which heterosexual people will be banned. Magistrates approved the licence following support from a local vicar and a 750-strong petition.  April 4th 1981. The Daily Telegraph.

The Post was right to warn people that the subject of homosexuality would be mentioned.  I was surprised at the tone of the article - it could have been a paid advertisement.


It is all very well to provide a counselling service to help these people find a cure, but I do not expect that anything based at the "club" will turn away many potential customers.


Perhaps our one hope is the the Anglican Chaplain has heard of the Rev. Dr. Paisley who started the Save Ulsterfrom Sodomy campaign.  How soon will it be before homosexual men are added to the dregs that bring disgrace to this lovely city by loitering in the square each day.  Mary Bintles   June 6th  Evening Post.


A unique feature of Part Two was that the Bishop of Southwell approved a chaplain to the club, so the club had its own vicar.  There were rumours - quite unfounded - that the old-fashioned red telephone box installed in the Reception area was actually a confesional.


Some photos of Part Two (including confessional phone box) have been tacked on to the end of the La Chic slide show.  To see the whole thing click     HERE

Mr T. Parkinson  for the Nottingham Licensed Victualler's Asociation said: "It is the first club in the city with a discrimination clause.  Consider the consequences if this was applied in reverse. April 3rd   Evening Post.

Mr Ken Metcalfe, owner of Whispers, said "Nottingham could not support both clubs: standards will drop - there will not be enough gay people for two clubs". (He was right - farewell Whispers".


An all-gay club would be impractical, he said, because they had normal friends and would want to bring them in. He described the plan as showing " A ghetto mentality".


April 2nd Evening Post


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