The  OutHouse  Saga

This section tops and tails the Outhouse story. The history from 1985 to 2003 is set out from the Project's own website.





Despite what you will read in the latter, Chimaera, the Nottingham CHE newsletter notes in 1979 that discussions were taking place about setting up a lesbian and gay centre for Nottingham.  OutHouse published its own newsletter called ... the OutHouse Newsletter. Later this combined with QB to become "Im Free". To download most of the issues of "I'm Free", click HERE.


Having abandoned the idea of a Community Centre, they settled on opening a coffee bar, but the proposed coffee bar failed to materialise and in 2005 it was decided that a dissolution process should be started and that Outhouse's assets should be devolved to local charities with similar aims.


The dissolution ceremony took place on May 1st 2008 at the New Foresters.























So was it just a long drawn out failure? It was certainly very disappointing to those involved and perhaps if it had settled on a simpler goal it would have got there. There were some successes on the way. If you read the Outhouse's own history, there were interesting and worthy events organised from time to time, but the Project's greatest legacies (apart from their death bed generosity to other organisations) were twofold and were both organised by Biddy McMeel.


One was the “I Count” survey of LGBT experiences and opinions in Nottinghamshire. When organisations say “and what evidence is there that X or Y is needed, we can say “The I Count survey shows ….. “.  To read the report, click HERE


The other was the revival of Nottingham Pride, which turned it into the successful event we look forward to each year. To see more about Pride, click HERE


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CS2 Sauna

In Autumn 2011 the building on Cranbrook Street pinpointed by the map's red dot became occupied by CS2 gay and bi men's sauna - see for details.    Before that, it was the intended base for the Outhouse project, whose long drawn out history is set out below.

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