Letters in the Evening Post about the opening of La Chic club - 1973

So Nottingham, famous for its association with William Booth, that man of God, is to achieve infamous notoriety by allowing the opening of a club for homosexuals. The first of its kind in the country!


God rained fire and brimstone upon Sodom because of its people's manifest pleasures in such malpractice.  Abuses of themselves with mankind (men) are prominent in the list of those who shall not inherit the kingdom of heaven, but who are in danger of eternal damnation.      Frank Hill, West Bridgford.

I was amazed and disgusted to hear that £40,000 is to be spent on a club for "gay people". What on earth is happening to the world? Surely woman was made for man?  The idea of men kissing and dancing together makes me sick - the same with women. In my opinion, such people ought to be put on a desert island, given picks and shovels and made to cultivate it.


I had 40 years of marriage to a good man. Whe  he died the bottom of my world dropped out.  Surely all things natural are right? To some people I may seem intolerant. Thank God I am.  Rachel Creasey, Stanesby Rise, Clifton.

Haven't we got enough gay people, as they call themselves, without bringing them from places like London, Birmingham, Manchester and other places?  This is the last straw to a dying city and to a very unhappy citizen.  Mrs M Ford. Bramcote Lane, Beeston

La Chic is not the first gay club in the country. Clubs and organisations such as the Campaign for Homosexual Equality, the Albany Trust and the Gay Liberation Front have been in existence for varying lengths of time, not only to help homosexual men and women, but to provide accurate information for the public so that there will be no need for ignorance and fear.


Mrs Creasey says thank God she is intolerant. I do not think God would wish to be thanked for intolerance. Secretary. Nottingham CHE.

Mrs Creasey has had so much good fortune in life that she must count her blessing that everything was all honey.  Having met a number of gay people, I found them well-mannered and polite and I think they deserve their club.


We are all God's children and have a right to live our lives as he made us. There are some very rum people about whom Mrs Creasey would term "natural". Mother Love, Nottingham

There are, it is true, a small number of people born with an imbalance of genes, but the vast majority of prospective members for the new club do not belong to this small minority. These people are sexual deviants and perverts who behave in this way, calling themselves bisexuals.


No one seems to have considered the corrupting influence these clubs will have on young teenagers who will visit this club and become involved with these evil people who, having lost their self respect, are anxious to involve as many other as possible.   Concerned Parent, Wollaton

Whenever the subject of homosexuality arises, it is always accompanied by the cry "Think of the effect it will have on young people".  Homosexuals do not go out of their way to corrupt young people - in fact, any consultation of crime statistics will verify that your son is far less likely to be molested by gay men than is your daughter by heterosexuals.


What effect will the opening of this club have on young people in Nottingham? If they are heterosexual, they will ignore it - if they are homosexual, they will go along and enjoy it.    Veritas, Clifton

So, we shall soon see the opening of the first club for homosexual in the country.  Nottingham is well named "The Queen of the Midlands".   S. Cronk,  Abbey Road, Bingham

Some letters prompted by the news of a gay club for Nottingham suggest that most people do not know what is meant by the term "homosexual". They know only the false image which that term implies.


This image projects the idea of effeminate, mincing males who spend their time chasing young boys. It puts forward the picture of hefty, masculine women who probably smoke cigars and work on building sites.


If we use Kinsey's figures, 5% of the population are exclusively homosexual, 10% mainly homosexual and over 30% have had some homosexual experiences.  From this we can calculate that we should have seen between 15,000 and 100,000 people fitting those descriptions walking the streets of Nottingham.  That such a sight has been denied us is because practically all homosexuals look, dress, walk, act and live like everyone else - except that they go to bed with people of the same sex.    C.L.  Chilwell

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