What the papers said

When reading old newspaper reports about gay men and lesbians (and sometimes even today's newspapers), one frequently asks oneself "where on earth do they get these ideas from"?  The journalists either hadn't got a clue what they were talking about or simply made things up as they went along - often with malicious intent.


A newspaper in the early 1950s came up with the following list:


Homosexuals (and they mean just men)


  • Are usually colour blind

  • Cannot sing in unison

  • Often flick their eyes up to the right to

         emphasize a point

  • Never smoke pipes

  • Use cigarette holders

  • Always have index and third fingers

         of the same length

(See X-Ray on the right)


A notorious 1964 article in the (now defunct) Daily Sketch listed the characteristics of gay men under the title   "How to spot a Homo". On reading the list, someone remarked "that sounds like Kenneth Clarke" - who definitely ain't gay.




1.  They wear suede shoes

2.  They wear sports jackets

3.  They smoke cigars

4.  They like the company of ladies with large bosoms


Sorry, and apologies Ken, you're a dead ringer


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