Gay Street Theatre

The main instigators of Nottingham's gay street theatre were Kris Kirk and Howard Wakeling.  Afterwards, Howard wrote several scripts which were broadcast on the BBC. Kris wrote a book on drag and later wrote for Gay Times.


The first play was "Robina Hood and her gayfolk".  This was performed in the Market Square. The performers were chased out of the square when a Russian delegation emerged from a reception in the Council House.  It was also performed on the Embankment.   Click on the button to hear Heather Cook talk about it and about her encounter with a dog.




The second play was "Green Noses". The assumption behind the play was that suddenly everyone who was gay or lesbian had their nose turn green overnight - so everyone was immediately outed ... with interesting consequences.    The picture on the right shows Kris Kirk as the devil and Carole Taylor as the magnificent Gay Pride butterfly.  Howard Hyman played the part of an ordinary "dad" while Derek Johnson, who was a high-powered businessman played the part of a high-powered businessman, including bowler hat.




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