The 1967 Sexual Offences Act: letters to

Nottingham Evening Post

Sodomy is the cardinal sin and the greatest abomination in all the behaviour of mankind and the contemplation of this major crime being pandered to by any religious or legislative body is unthinkable. Robbery, forgery, blackmail and harlotry are mere child’s play to the frightful debasement of homosexual vice.


West Bridgford July 1st 1965.

Not always is homosexuality due to perversion and corrupt sexual contacts, but can be due to harmful religious instruction emphasising “sin” and showing God to be a vindictive deity.                Wollaton July 1st 1965

Homosexuality is certainly no affront to the Creator, and it is simply one of nature’s safety valves against excessive population; at the same time being a release for the natural instincts and is no more revolting than many so-called heterosexual practices, in fact - much less so.     Grantham July 1st 1965

Apparently the bill to legalise homosexuality has the support of the Church of England. The argument has been advanced that homosexuals leave themselves open to blackmail. What a fatuous argument. The crime of murder could lend itself to exactly the same conditions, but this does not make it necessary to legalise it. I am appalled that the Church should so debase itself.       O.R.R. June 2nd 1965.

With deep disgust I notice Parliament is yielding to allow discussion on the Sexual Offences Bill which seeks to legalise private homosexual conduct. What would be understood as “private”? Could the vicarage, the garden shed, the butler’s pantry be considered suitable seclusion? The homosexual contaminates society and should be eliminated as a pest.               Nature Lover February 2nd 1966

The letter from O.R.R. shows very little understanding of the situation, The Church, however, has shown great foresight in support of the Bill. These people are ill and desperately need medical treatment, and the only way to get th to come forward is to ensure that they are not prosecuted in an attempt to get medical aid.      


Miss Denise Smith, Hucknall Road, Nottingham June 10th 1965

MPs are at liberty to vote which way they choose. The debate on homosexuality was a non party issue. As the Home Secretary said, the great majority of homosexuals are not exhibitionistic freaks, but ordinary citizens. If an MP cannot vote how he likes, it is time we shut up Parliament.                    Planner February 25th 1966

After a discreet interval we again read of this Government’s intention to legalise homosexuality, to have coloured police and no death penalty.  Could anyone in their right mind still be for this administration?             N.B. February 18th 1966

I do not think homosexuality should be made legal, even for consenting adults in private. Some commit the offence only once or twice and I should like to think that homosexuality is temporary and that sooner or later they will find themselves and become normal.             L.D. February 25th 1966

In my previous letter I was referring to the moral perverts who prostitute the sexual act in a degenerate and filthy fashion, who are the subject of the Sexual Offences Bill.


The slimy characters who loiter in public urinals to ply their vile trade are typical of the homosexual pests. The consenting male is a monstrous affront to decency and should be treated as such.                      Nature Lover Feb. 25th 1966

Must Nature Lover write such nonsense against the Sexual Offences Bill?  Until we (I am one of them) are left alone to our own desires, the practice will still be regarded as disgusting. People do not know what hell it is to be born with this disease, and it is a disease, a mental illness, which causes much anguish to resist. I beg that we are left alone to our problems.                Pam. January 3rd 1966

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