Civil Partnership



Jenny Hudson and Jacqui Chapman were the first couple in Nottingham to have a civil partnership ceremony.


It took place on December 21st 2005 at Nottingham's Shakespeare Street Register Office and was reported in Nottingham Evening Post.


The report and the photograph of Jenny and Jacqui in the "Weddings" section prompted some letters and a change of policy for the Post.  Extracts from the letters are given below.





Congratulations to Jenny and Jacqui who celebrated their civil partnership. It is a joy to see people confirming their commitment to one another.


However, I am a traditionalist. I do not think the Post has set out to ruffle any feathers, but just overlooking the old-fashioned view of marriage has done that in my case.


It might have been a good idea to set up a section for Civil Partnerships and one for Weddings. Both these unions are important to the participants, but they are different.


Again, I would like to offer my most sincere good wishes to Jenny and Jacqui for a long and happy life together.


"Wedding". in my view, means to take a person of the opposite sex as husband or wife.  I am aware that new laws have come in for gay relationships and indeed I have gay friends whom I love dearly. I am a Christian and marriage is sacred to me. I remember how special it was to make my vows before God.


Today I saw the beautiful photograph of Jenny and Jacqui. I am sure we will see more photographs like this, but please will you not put them with other photographs under the heading "Post Weddings" as they are not wedding photographs.






Nottingham Evening Post changed its short-lived policy and brought in a separate section for Civil Partnerships.

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