A Timeline of events from 2011 onwards

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Outburst ball bois

February 2011 produced 222 entries on the National LGBT HIstory Month calendar for events in the East Midlands. The highspot was Nottinghamshire's Rainbow Heritage's  Celebration and awards evening at Nottingham Council House. Peter Tatchell made a speech and presented the awards including one to Outburst youth group and one to Nottingham Ballbois football team.


Flag cake sapphist

A rainbow flag flew over Duncan Macmillan House, the home of Notts Healthcare NHS Trust. The Trust is now number 13 in the Stonewall top 100 best LGBT employers.


The Trust displayed a selection of writings by Nottingham's Sapphist Writers.


Nottingham City Homes had an LGBT History Month display by several organisations and a presentation on LGBT History by Nottinghamshire's Rainbow Heritage, though the most astonishing component of the event was the huge (delicious) cake to end all cakes


Gay Games Holocaust

Nottingham's LGBT historian Tony Bilton was asked to put on a display in the foyer of County Hall - 2 of the exhibits are shown above.



Leicester LGB Centre (which is just starting its own LGBT History project) invited Nottinghamshire's Rainbow Heritage to fill their first floor with some of its display materials - about 10% of it is shown above. The materials also included projections and extracts from interviews.

Idaho Day - May 17th - was celebrated in several ways in Nottingham.  The Nottinghamshire Pride committee arranged for Rainbow Flags to be flown on several sites, in particular Nottingham Castle. This flag was described as the “largest hand-made rainbow flag”. It was produced by David Gibson, aged 23, who is studying first year costume design at Nottingham Trent University - he used 66 metres of material.


At the University of Nottingham an IDAHO Day conference was organised by Dr. Andrew Yip as part of a joint initiative between organisations in the UK, Italy, Hungary and Slovenia.  The pictures show part of the displays by Nottinghamshire's Rainbow Heritage and Healthy Gay Nottingham and also Dr. Luca Trappolin (of the University of Padua) speaking against a delightfully starry (and rather camp) background.

idaho2 IDAHO4

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