February 2013 saw much LGBT History Month activity.  The Rainbow writers organised events at Trent University and Newstead Abbey. Trent University ran a series of lecturettes + question and answers.  Nottinghamshire's Rainbow Heritage set up displays in 7 libraries (including the Prison library), a civic centre, Rushcliffe register office and a police station as well as their regular Celebration and Awards evening at the Council House.

A Timeline of events from 2013  onwards

Greg Woods

The Mayor, Councillor Leon Unczur, was a guest at the Celebration and the speaker was Professor Greg Woods (pictured) from Trent University. Awarda were presented to Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust (and Catherine Conchar, their Head of equality and Diversity), Nottingham Women's Centre and WOW, the Worksop-based LGBT Youth group.

Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust achieved 4th position in Stonewall's employers' ranking. At their HQ at Duncan Macmillan House, they hosted displays and performances by Sapphist Writers,  housed the "Living my Life" Trans exhibition, raised the rainbow flag, organised a conference and a film show.

Conchar + team Trent Sound leigh natasher

Local internet radio Trent Sound began an LGBT chat/music programme - every Friday from 10 to midnight.  it's hosted by Natasher and Leigh, who both happen to be volunteers on Lesbian and Gay Switchboard.

living my life Flag 2013 NLGS_logo

Lesbian and Gay switchboard had been led to believe that its small grant from Nottinghamshire PCT would not continue under the new NHS system.  Nice to be proven wrong. The CCGs (Clinical Commissioning Groups) will continue the grant

2013's IDAHO Day (May 17th) produced a proliferation of rainbow flags. The flags were raised on all Fire Stations (see below), on the City’s Council House, at Gedling Civic Centre, at the QMC and City Hospitals and at the Castle. Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust flew the flag at Duncan Macmillan House and Rampton hospital and also put on a display - see below. The E.on LGBT Network had rainbows in and outside their shop on Lister Gate and were involved in the rainbow flag raising at the Castle.

IDAHO DunMacflag IDAHO 13 Flag firestation IDAHO13Duncmac IDAHO 13 castle IDAHO 13 eon1 IDAHO 13 eon2

The largest local permanent rainbow flag is now displayed on the side wall of Queen of Clubs.

QofClubs flag

The “God Hates Fags” Westborough Baptist Church website is an amazing demonstration of the power of the gay world. Not only is the coming out of basketball player Jason Collins responsible for the Oklahoma tornados in May 2013, we also prompted God to cause  the explosion at a Texas fertiliser plant.  Holy shit!

Rainbowfinger Notts Pride lion flag2

On June the 1st, the Pride Committee encouraged people to come to the Market Square and have their photos taken against the famous Left Lion, which they had draped with a rainbow flag.

The County Council Hate Crime steering group spent some time looking at homophobic hate crime.  One outcome is that a series of LGBT awareness sessions will be held in 2014. This has been supported and financed by Paddy Tipping, the Police and Crime Commissioner.

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5leaves3 5leaves2 5leaves4

The older among us will have fond memories of Mushroom Bookshop, which closed about 13 years ago.  It was an “alternative” book shop which was very LGBT friendly.  Ross Bradshaw, who used to work at Mushroom, has now opened Five Leaves Bookshop.


Ross says “"Five Leaves Bookshop will include dedicated lesbian and gay sections from the start. Supporting and promoting LGBT concerns is important to us, and we welcome people dropping in leaflets and posters advertising LGBT events as well as shoppers!” They also stock Diva, Curve, Gay and Lesbian Quarterly, Gay Times etc.


The shop is at 14a Long Row, that’s down the little alleyway next to Primark and over the road from the Tourism Centre.   It opened on November 9th. The website is


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