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“Dear All,


As a matter of urgency, would any Libraries that receive a copy of the publication Queer Bulletin, please remove the latest edition from their shelves. I will be phoning all Libraries who receive a copy as soon as possible, but please take it off now and don't wait for a call before acting.      


Thanks.            Fiona.  Principal Librarian: Resources”


“I am the person who informed you last week that unfortunately we will be unable to display the latest (June/July) edition of QB due to the nature of the article on the front page. As Nottinghamshire County Council are one of our main funders I am sure you can appreciate that we aren't in a position to display a publication that includes an article criticising their head, especially one that carries it on the front page. As mentioned in the original email we will still be able to hand out the QB on request, but sadly we won't be able to have them on display. I hope this clears up any confusion.


Kind regards Simon Redgate  Senior Information Officer/Budget & Finance, Nottingham Tourism Centre”


Was Mrs Cutts action prompted by QB likening her to "the wife of Dobby the House Elf?"

dobcutts2 team

The University of Nottingham hosted the second Justin Tournament (as part of the Justin Campaign to rid football of homophobia) on July 2nd 2011.


Teams came from as far away as Belfast, though the winners were Nottingham's Sparta Black (for the women) and Zonal Marketing for the men.


Basketball star John Amaechi (bottom left) presented the prizes and the whole event was attended by many enthusiastic fans, one of which is shown below

belfast john amaechi fan qb banned ballboisteam

And why, you ask, were Nottingham Ball Bois absent from the Tournament?  


Actually, they were busy taking part in the Eurogames - where they came 3rd.

Nottinghamshire Pride 2011 (yes, it's now "shire") attracted 25,000 people to the Goose Fair site.  Rather than duplicate all the details we've got in the Pride section, just click HERE to see everything.

Methodist marriage

The big poster was displayed in May 2012 on the wall of the Methodist Mission on the corner of George Street and Lower Parliament Street.

Nottinghamshire Pride spread itself over two days in 2012. To see more, click HERE


In December 2012 Impact, the University of Nottingham's student magazine, included a survey on surprising levels of homophobia at the University.   To read more, click HERE

The City Council's Community Equality Forum morphed into the Equality and Fairness Commission. One big change involved moving from a structure where more or less anyone could turn up, gthe new arrangements will have an advocate for each of the "protected characteristics", ond of which is "sexual orientation". The EFC is not just a talking shop; its comments and recommendations are taken seriously.

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