The University of Nottingham Hockey team adopted a novel way of countering homophobia in sport. They have produced a video as part of the “Voice your rights” project. It shows them taking part in a naked hockey game - see the still picture below.

A Timeline of events 2015  

Naked-Hockey Universe

Those attending the Manchester LGBT History Festival on February 14th were given a dose of reality when they attended a presentation called "Nottinghamshire, centre of the LGBT Universe".  Ample evidence of the County's status was provided:


Same-sex marriage started on March 29th 2014, but in Nottingham they were doing it in the 14th Century. The city has many firsts: the first “official” gay club; the first Trade Union support group; the first UK Professor of Gay and Lesbian Studies; the first “out” footballer; home to the founder of GLF in the UK; Stonewall’s “first in the NHS organisation”.  


To that you can add tales of the Pansy’s Parlour, the Coffin Parade; the Asda Kiss-in; the gay swimming furore; Robina Hood’s Gay Street Theatre; the secret bomb plot and the world’s most valuable bathroom loofahs. And when you read a  1964 newspaper article that  makes it clear that all gay men look like a well-known  Nottingham MP, you must come to the conclusion that Nottinghamshire IS the centre of the LGBT universe.


In 2015 True vision was taken on in Nottinghamshire as a way of reporting hate crimes. The website contains advice and guidance and explains clearly what a hate crime is and that includes internet hate crime.


You can report hate crimes online, if you do not want to report directly to the police.  The police take hate crime very seriously and will record and investigate this offence even if you do not want to give your details.  You can locate True Vision at

True vision

Early in January the news came out that Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust had become the number 1 employer on the Stonewall index.  This, to a large extent, was due to the untiring efforts of their Head of Equality and Diversity, Catherine Conchar - shown below with others (at the right of the rainbow flag) on the steps of their HQ.





















NHS trust steps Coming out being out Richard

As usual, the Trust organised several events for LGBT History Month, including a conference on the theme of "coming out".  


The picture shows Richard McCance talking at the conference about his involvement with the "Late Outbursts" LGBTQ memoirs.

At the Nottinghamshire's Rainbow Heritage's annual Celebration and Awards evening at Nottingham Council House on February 24th, the awards went to Catherine Conchar, to the Pride Committee 2014 ("The team that saved Pride") and to Eat Out Nottingham.











 Steve and Norm from Eat Out                   Pride Committee 2014


Below you can see some of the 130 people who made

up the audience and also the scrolling display of 105

LGBT badges and flags.















Around the City NRH also put on its usual small scale displays in 9 libraries, 2 civic centres, Nottingham Prison, Duncan Macmillan House, the Women's Centre and Loxley House.

eat out pride committee















The University of Nottingham was very active during LGBT History Month, with various films and lectures. One of the lectures centred on the life and work of Alan Turing. another was done in conjunction with Nottinghamshire's Ranbow Heritage and used their 80 panel Nottingham Map display.

ENIGMA PROBLEM Nottm Uni display audience scrolling badges

Less happily, a Lesbian and Gay Switchboard stall, set up at Broadway Cinema for a showing of the film "Pride" was presented with the card shown below.












The supplier of the card was removed from the cinema and later given a caution by the police.


On a brighter note, the city council managed to get a reference to LGBT History Month on the information signs at Nottingham bus stops.

exterminate Bus_stop

2015 is the year Notts Lesbian & Gay Switchboard celebrates its 40th anniversary as a telephone helpline. The volunteers were delighted to receive the postcard shown below from Sandi Toksvig.


Throughout May 2015, Nottinghamshire's Rainbow Heritage held its Pink Spring exhibition at Central Library. To see some of this, click HERE

The International IDAHO Day people said that in 2015 there was more IDAHO day stuff going on in Nottinghamshire than anywhere else in the UK. In effect, it was an IDAHO Week, kicking off with a flag raising ceremony at County Hall. Present were Sue Fish (Deputy Chief Constable), The Chair of the County Council, The Police and Crime Commissioner (Paddy Tipping) and members of most local LGBT organisations.






















Idaho crowd Brian Clough statue

Another event involved 5 groups of people streaming towards the Brian Clough statue from different locations.


Clough was bedecked with rainbow flags and several speeches were made in front of the statue.

Pride 2015 took place on Saturday July 26th in the City Centre. The details are shown in the Pride section of the website. To see this, click HERE


Big changes to the Nottingham "gay scene" took place in the Autumn. When NG1 club decided it was no longer a gay venue, the change was recorded in Nottingham Evening Post.  The Lord Roberts changed ownership and it, too, was no longer gay, though groups such as Bitopia and See You Next Tuesday are still welcomed.


Notts Lesbian and Gay Switchboard's telephone helpline started in 1975. In October 2015 the service celebrated its 40th anniversary with a gala at Nottingham Contemporary.and the printing of an anniversary booklet. To read the booklet, click HERE


Pictures from the gala are shown below.


gala tables 3 Gala cake

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