The 2013 event was preceded by the now customary parade from the Market Square. To most people's delight the parade ended in the Arboretum, which is generally more congenial than the Forest Recreation ground used in 2011/12.


Pride closed at 6.00pm and the weather was perfect until 6.01 pm, when the heavens opened.

Nottingham's Pride Festivals - 5

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A crisis emerged in September 2013 when the Pride AGM led to a vote to close Pride, leaving debts of about £17.000.  Afterwards some people thought that a rescue operation should be mounted and new new committee was set up with a priority of tackling the debt and then seeing whether a 2014 Pride event was viable.


The committee concluded that returning Pride to its original 1997 home in Hockley would help reduce costs. No need to spend thousands of pounds on portable toilets. Avoid using expensive 3rd place X Factor performers. Involve local businesses. So they did that.


For Pride 2014, Nottingham School of Samba drummers led the Pride parade from Castle Gate to Broad Street. There were whistles, flags, costumes, people of all ages, people in wheelchairs, prams, new groups and old.  The community stalls on Heathcoat Street were well attended and many congregated at the stage in Lace Market Square .... and the event actually made a profit of £8000.

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