NRH Annual Awards




To Richard McCance for his work in furthering gay rights in the 1970s-1990s, for his involvement in CHE and National Friend, for being the driving force behind the production of Gay Nottingham, Metrogay and Outright.


To the Chameleon group for providing support and social facilities for trans people for over 25 years.


To the Lookout team, for publishing Lookout lesbian information newsletter continuously for 12 years.




To Healthy Gay Nottingham (formerly the GAi Project) for providing an outstanding service for local gay and bisexual men since 1994.


To Nottingham Hyking Dykes for providing a valuable and much appreciated service for local lesbians for over 20 years.


To Breakout Gay Men's Group for providing excellent social facilities and support for local gay and bisexual men since 1996.


In addition, this year we started the Michael Raymond Memorial Awards. (To find out about Michael Raymond, click HERE)  These commemorate organisations, groups and individuals which made a valuable contribution in the past, but are no longer with us.


They were awarded to


Nottingham Lesbian Line, which provided information, advice and support for local lesbians for over 20 years until 2003.


The Pavilion Club - the first gay club in the East Midlands.

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To Outburst Youth Group and Davina Daniels for providing an excellent social and support group for young LGB + T people.


To LAFS  (lesbians in Ashfield Friendship and Support) for providing a valuable and much appreciated service for local lesbians in and around the Mansfield/Ashfield area..


To Nottingham Ball Bois football team for the success on the football field (winning both the GFSN league and cup) and hard work off the field: supporting the Justin Campaign against homophobia in football; raising money for worthy causes; raising awareness of testicular cancer; contributing to LGBT History Month events. To read more about the team, click HERE


In addition, the two Michael Raymond Memorial Awards went to:


They were awarded to


The North Notts LGB Development Group - to read about the group, click HERE


Part Two Club and its founder and manager Ross Smith. To read about Part Two, click HERE




To Sapphist Writers.  To read more about Sapphist Writers, click HERE


To the Nottingham(shire) Pride Committees, past and present. To read more about Pride, click HERE


To LiNk Notts. To read more about LiNK Notts, click HERE


In addition, the two Michael Raymond Memorial Awards went to:


They were awarded to


The Nottingham Campaign for Homosexual Equality (CHE)

To read more about CHE, click HERE


Mushroom Bookshop  To read more about Mushroom, click HERE




To Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust and Catherine Conchar

Read about this in QB number 71 - click HERE


To WOW, the Worksop-based LGBT youth group


To Nottingham Women's Centre


In addition, the two Michael Raymond Memorial Awards went to:


They were awarded to


The Nottingham Gay Liberation Front (GLF)






To Recreation, the Nottingham Trans group


To the E.on LGBT Network


To Tagadere, the HIV support service




To "the Team which saved Pride" - 2014 Pride committee


To Catherine Conchar, Head of Equality and Diversity at Notts Healthcare NHS Trust - the no. 1 Stonewall employer


To Eat Out Nottingham




To Tim Franks, former CEO of PACE


To Nottingham & Notts Lesbian & Gay Switchboard


To Debbie Law of the New Foresters




To Trans4me, the Nottingham Trans youth group


To Sarah Lee and her team at the County Council for providing support to young LGBT people in the County


To Out in Education for their work in countering homophobia, biphobia and transphobia in schools





To Ike Cowen, for his work in furthering gay rights in the 1960s and 1970s, for being a leading figure in local and national CHE and for helping to start the first gay club in the East Midlands - the Pavilion Club.


To The New Foresters, for 50 years as a lesbian (and gay friendly) bar - the award was received by Debbie Law.


To the Laxton Holocaust Centre, for their furthering of the understanding of the persecution of LGBT people during the Holocaust.




To the Centre Place Team for many years of support for LGBT young people in Bassetlaw and for the recent substantial expansion of those services


To Melanie Jeffs for her ground-breaking work with Nottinghamshire Police to get misogyny treated as a hate crime


To Rosey Donovan for continuous support for the LGBT community in many ways and over a long period


To Crystal Lucas for starting and continuing to organise Worksop Pride


To Victoria Villasenor and Global Words. Victoria and Global Words have published much LGBTQ fiction, but also 3 collections of LGBT memoirs from local people, older, younger and trans. She also organises the unique LGBTQ Bold Strokes book festival in Nottingham.


To Five Leaves Bookshop The bookshop was voted the Independent bookshop of the year 2018. Manager Ross Bradshaw has endeavoured to make the bookshop an LGBT friendly safe space which has lots of relevant literature and regularly holds LGBT events.