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Nottingham CHE started publishing a newsletter fairly soon after it was founded in 1971.  Chimaera ran from 1972 until 1982.


It eventually established a reputation as one of the best of its genre. It printed several articles which were later transferred to Gay News - including “The Adventures of Super Puff” by Bruce Wainwright. 


"Miss Clutch’s suspicions about Nick were growing by the second. “Was it YOU that left the vibrator plugged in all day during the power strike? Downright unpatriotic, that’s what I call it. I bet Mr Heath didn’t leave his plugged in!”


In a survey by the Times Literary Supplement of voluntary groups’ newsletters, Chimaera was the only gay-linked newsletter which was mentioned.

Produced in Nottingham, by a team of volunteers from 1983 to 1984, GEM was established in response to a number of events, including the collapse of Gay News, Britain’s only gay and lesbian publication at that time and the onset of the AIDS crisis.


Whilst the original target audience was gay men and lesbians in the East Midlands, GEM’s circulation quickly spread as far afield as London and Edinburgh.


It ran to 9 editions. You can see and download them all by clicking HERE



All the other newsletters and magazines in this section were known to us. Diversion came as a complete surprise. We have 3 editions and guess there must be about 8 or 9.


The fact that it's not well known is doubly surprising, because it's really rather good.


If anyone out there has copies we can have or loan or photocopy, do let us know.

Diversion cover

Gay Nottingham first appeared early in 1985 as 2 sides of A4 back to back and then as an A4 folded into A5 leaflet.


It came at the time when Nottingham City Council began, reluctantly,  to consider lesbian and gay issues under pressure from out Labour Councillor Richard McCance. Richard was the driving force behind Gay Nottingham and it's subsequent reincarnations.


It carried on until early 1987, when it was succeeded by Metrogay.

Metrogay was son of Gay Nottingham. First appearing in 1987, it continued until the end of 1989, when it was transformed into Outright.


Metrogay deliberately moved beyond the Nottingham area and spread its distribution and its news coverage to include Leicester, Loughborough, Mansfield and Derby.

gaynottm Metrogay

Starting in 1989, Outright continued monthly for 89 editions, until in 1997 Richard McCance decided that it was time to get off the treadmill of production and distribution.


Outright's distribution built on that of Metrogay. It also was more elegant (well, at least less awkward) in its appearance, though some of the type faces still required magnifying glasses.


As a passing comment, one can't help noticing that many of the ads in the newsletters in this section are for holistic therapies, alternative medicine and veggie food. Is this typical of the LGBT community? Click HERE for an insight into our apparent preferences.


To see more/later local publications, click HERE

We have obtained a copy of "Outlaws" no. 1. Dated September 1991, it describes itself as a Nottingham based periodical for lesbians and gay men. Three people who contributed articles were, at one time or another, connected to the Health Shop in Nottingham.   Does anyone know whether there were further issues?